I can’t wait for the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai. With Saban back, it’s a dream come true.

I’ve seen every episode of Power Rangers, including every special, as well as the unfortunate Disney’s MMPRv2. I’ve been re-watching every episode of MMPR shown everyday @ powerrangers.com, waiting and leading up to the All New Series.

My top three favorite seasons this far are:
#1. Power Rangers Time Force
#2. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
#3. Power Rangers In Space
And of which are all Saban Seasons.


My top three favorite season finales this far are:
#1. Power Rangers Time Force (3 part finale)
#2. Power Rangers In Space (2 part finale)
#3. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (3 part finale)

Go, Go, Samurai!
The power is on!