Posted: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
* Exclusive ‘Power Rangers Samurai’ Photo: First Look at the Rangers Unmasked (…)


The Power Rangers are back, with a new look, a new cast and on a new network. ‘Power Rangers Samurai’ debuts on Nickelodeon Monday, Feb. 7, at 8PM ET. When the series, now in its 19th season, made the jump from Disney to its new home, it got a shiny, martial-arts-influenced reboot.

“This new season of ‘Power Rangers Samurai’ will feature all-new heroes, villains and special effects while keeping the core messages of friendship, teamwork and empowerment that the series has always exhibited,” said Nickelodeon exec Pete Danielson in a press release.

‘Power Rangers Samurai’ features five new Rangers who seek to control the elements of fire, water, sky, forest and earth under the guidance of their samurai mentor, Ji. They’re aided by animal Zords (Lion, Dragon, Ape, Turtle and Bear) as they battle the evil Master Xandred.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at the unhelmeted cast members. Meet Alex Heartman (Jayden, Red Ranger and team leader); Erika Fong (Pink Ranger Mia); Najee De-Tiege (Kevin, Blue Ranger); Brittany Pirtle (Emily, Yellow Ranger); and Hector David (Green Ranger Mike).

Watch a sneak peek below!…