Posted: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Bulk and Spike have been added to Nick’s Power Rangers Samurai show page.

Well-meaning, but a bit of a dolt, Bulk has big delusions of grandeur that don’t often translate to real life. Fancying himself a Samurai, Bulk is determined to shape Spike, the son of his lifelong best friend Skull, into a true Samurai warrior like himself. These efforts often end in comical disaster, as Bulk has no idea what he’s doing, and in the face of danger he often runs in the other direction.

The hapless son of Skull has inherited his father’s clumsy tendencies and his snorting laughter, but that doesn’t stop him in his earnest quest to become a Samurai. Though he tries to have courage, Spike is ill-prepared for the dangers that come with being a Samurai and is essentially just a clumsy civilian with a serious crush on the Pink Ranger.

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