Posted: Monday, February 7th, 2011
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Power Up all you party people — because the Power Rangers are returning to TV in Samurai fashion. ClevverTV’s got the exclusive look you want, stay tuned.

Hey hey guys, I’m Joslyn Davis in Hollywood at the ClevverTV headquarters with very good news for those of you die-hard power ranger lovers out there — and that is that the show has been completely revamped and will be making its TV return on Nickelodeon on February 7th at 8PM.

The show shoots in New Zealand, but three of the rangers were in LA recently — Alex Heartman, Najee De-Tiege and Hector David – and I had the amazing opportunity to hang out with them, and guess what…not only did they give me a plaid shirt so I would fit in with them. They also taught me some of their signature Ranger moves. Here’s a quick sneak peek for you!

So if my hang-out with three members of Power Rangers Samurai was any indication of just how cool the show is going to be, then I’m telling you that’s it’s going to be a must-watch. Make sure to check out full interview with the guys — we’ll have a link on that story for you here. Thanks for watching the show, I’m Joslyn Davis in Hollywood reminding you to subscribe to our channel on YouTube for on-going updates and more. See you next time!