Posted: Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Get ready for battle with a new generation of Power Rangers that must master the mystical and ancient Samurai symbols of power which give them control over the elements of fire, water, sky, forest and earth. For young Rangers, these new toys are perfect in the battle against the Netherworld!

Power Rangers rose to become the No 1 kids action brand in the WORLD!

Power Rangers Samurai is currently the number one show on Nickelodeon UK

To date, Power Rangers has aired in over 60 countries and the property has generated well over $5 billion worldwide

10cm Action Figure
Unite in the fight against the sinister forces of the Netherworld with Power Rangers 10cm figure collection. Each comes with a samurai sword and an individual power weapon to battle evil.
SRP: £6.99

Samurai Sword
Power up your sword with Power Rangers Samurai spinning disc action. The sword features a spinning disc action. Load your disc into the sword and see the ancient power reflective animation.
SRP: £11.99

Samurai Morpher
Become an official Samurai Ranger with this mobile morpher – perfect for keeping in touch with your fellow Rangers! The morpher makes sound effects as seen in the TV show.
SRP: £11.99

16cm Switch Morphin Figure
Morph into battle with these figures, each figure comes with a samurai sword, power weapon and head rotating action.
SRP: £11.99

Samurai Mega Blade
The Power Ranger’s ultimate weapon, perfect for fighting the evil forces! The sword comes with a double extension feature for quick draw action. Also includes sounds and phrases!
SRP: £24.99

Disc Cycle and Figure
Go full throttle against the Netherworld with the Disc Cycle and Figure. For those who really mean business, the cycles can be combined with the Megazords – two unbeatable forces!
SRP: £13.99

Samurai Megazord
Combine the Power Rangers 5 Zords to create the Samurai Megazord! Combine the Disc Cycles for further role-play!
SRP: £29.99