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Episode 15 – “The Tengen Gate”

Written by David McDermott
Japanese episode written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Additional material directed by Akihiro Noguchi and Koichi Sakamoto
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Summary: Master Xandred is growing stronger and has decided to lock himself in his cabin while his power’s surging. Octoroo explains to Dayu that all they have to do is protect him from other Nighlok until he finishes absorbing his new powers.

Deker realizes that Xandred is busy absorbing his new surge of power and finds this to be his opportunity to finally duel the Red Ranger without interference.

With Master Xandred’s power surging, Giant Moogers rise up and begin destroying the city. The Rangers form their Megazords. Gold Ranger combines the Octozord with the Clawzord and forms Claw Battlezord North. Flying Moogers appear. The Rangers destroy the Moogers.

Nighlok Arachnitor plans to seize Xandred’s throne by sealing him away, forcing Octoroo to help him.

The five visit the sacred Tengen Gate to retrieve the Black Box — A magic talisman created by the very first Red Ranger that is said can unite the Symbol Powers of all Rangers into one, but no Ranger has been able to finish the talisman. But Antonio, the tech-wiz, might be able to finish it. The Black Box has been protected by the Guardians of the Tengen Gate for generations. The Tengen Gate is where the first Samurai Rangers battled the Nighlok army. The team is welcomed by Daisuke – the elder Guardian.

Daisuke informs the team of an old folk tale — A young woman made a deal with the Nighlok King to save the life of her beloved, but the King tricked her and turned them both into Nighlok. The King took away the man’s memory and cursed him to wonder the Earth alone forever.

Preparing to drink together, Octoroo poisons their tea using dark magic. Jayden is poisoned. Moogers and Arachnitor are attacking. Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow Rangers take out the Moogers. Octoroo confronts Jayden and tells him to show him the Sealing Symbol the Red Rangers use to seal away Master Xandred. Arachnitor defeats the four Rangers. Antonio goes to help Jayden. Gold Ranger tries to stop Octoroo, but Octoroo is surprisingly too much for him. Master Xandred is recovered. Arachnitor prepares to finish the four, but Xandred binds the traitor back to the Netherworld. Jayden is kidnapped by Deker. Octoroo returns to the Netherworld and finds Master Xandred’s powers spawning more Moogers and other creatures.

To Be Continued…

End Credits:

Power Rangers Samurai


Grant McFarland

Junior Guardian
Min Kim

Sacred Guardian
Clarence Shelford

Voice of Master Xandred
Jeff Szusterman

Voice of Octoroo
Jeff Szusterman

Voice of Dayu
Kate Elliott

Voice of Deker
Rick Medina

Voice of Arachnitor
Simon Mckinney

Story Editors
James W. Bates
Amira Lopez

Unit Production Manager
Janet Mciver

Director of Photography
Ilan Rosenberg

Post Production Supervisor
David Ross

2nd Unit Director
Akihiro Noguchi

Action Director
Koichi Sakamoto

Production Designer
Miro Harre

Costume Designer
Jaindra Watson

1st Assistant Director
Natasha Romaniuk

Edited by
Jochen Fitzherbert

US Casting by
Iris Hampton

New Zealand Casting by
Terri De’ath

Stunt Coordinator
Mark Harris

Art Director
Rachael Cooper

Production Accountant
Rebecca Hutton

2nd Unit Assistant Director
Quentin Whitwell

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Andrew McGeorge

Sound Recordist
Dave Hurley

Camera Operator
Peter Janes

Make Up Supervisor
Kevin Dufty

Mechanical Effects Supervisor
Richard Schuler

Location Manager
Janne Harwood

Creatures Supervisor
David Holmberg

Visual Effects by
PRPVFX Limited

Visual Effects Supervisor
Carol Petrie

Visual Effects Coordinator
George Ritchie

Post Production Sound
The Inside Track

Sound Designer
Chris Burt

Sound Effects Editor
Stefan Brough

Based on the “Shinkenger” from
Toei Company Limited

From the Japanese Series
Originated by Saburo Hatte

Theme Song Arranged by
Noam Kaniel

Saban Brands

Production Finance
David Shuman

Production Legal
Rami Yanni
Jerod Partin

Filmed on location in New Zealand.

Any persons or events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

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Power Rangers Productions Limited

Saban Brands LLC


Toei Company LTD

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