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Special – Clash of the Red Rangers: The Movie

Written by James W. Bates
Japanese episodes written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Additional material directed by Akihiro Noguchi
Directed by Jonathan Tzachor
Consultant Isaac Florentine

Summary: ‘In another dimension where robots are threatening humanity, the RPM Rangers are the last hope to protect their world against evil.’

Professor Cog escapes the RPM Rangers and heads for another dimension. Professor Cog arrives on Earth in a subway train with Grinders – robotic foot soldiers, and is looking for Master Xandred and the Netherworld.

In the city, the Samurai Rangers intercept Nighlok Sharkjaw. Professor Cog stands watch. Sharkjaw proves himself too quick for the Rangers, but he begins to dry out and returns to the Netherworld. Master Xandred is planning a Mooger army invasion led by General Gut. Professor Cog follows through the Gap to the Netherworld and explains to Master Xandred that his master requests his assistance to destroy the humans in their dimension by giving Professor Cog Sanzu Water for them to poison their humans. Professor Cog offers to help destroy the Samurai Rangers in return for the water.

RPM Ranger Red arrives on Earth. The five Samurai Rangers encounter Grinders. Ranger Red joins the battle and destroys the Grinders. The Samurai team take Ranger Red to the Shiba House. Master Xandred assigns Nighlok Sergeant Tread to assist Professor Cog. Gold Samurai Ranger encounters Grinders. Ranger Red takes Ji’s motorcycle to the scene and takes out the Grinders. Professor Cog appears and battles Ranger Red. The other Rangers arrive and join the battle. The two Red Rangers are hit by hypnobolts. Professor Cog creates a vortex to pull the Red Rangers back to their dimension, but the other Rangers shield them and are pulled through the vortex. Professor Cog explains to Sergeant Tread that the effects of his hypnobolts will soon turn the Red Rangers against each other.

Professor Cog and Grinders begin taking Sanzu Water. Jayden and Ranger Red return to the Shiba House. They discover an army of Moogers and head on out. Red Samurai Ranger summons his horse, and RPM Ranger Red takes Ji’s motorcycle again. The Red Rangers race each other. Red Samurai arrives first and battles Moogers and Grinders. The Red Rangers begin attacking each other and taking out foot soldiers in the process. But they reveal it’s just a personal fake out against Professor Cog and explain that Ji noticed they were acting weird, so Ji figured out a way to reverse the poison. Grinders begin turning into motorcycles for the Moogers to ride into battle. Red Samurai Ranger summons a car for Ranger Red. Red Samurai Ranger gives Ranger Red a new Power Disk from Ji and explains that it’s one use only. Ranger Red powers up to Shark Attack Mode, and Red Ranger powers up to Super Mode. The other Rangers return through the vortex, and the 7 Rangers destroy Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread.

General Gut orders the Mooger army and Spitfangs to charge the Rangers. The five Samurai Rangers summon their War Horses and ride into battle. Ranger Red and Gold Ranger take the car. Red Samurai Ranger fights his way through to General Gut and uses the Shark Disk with his Spin Sword to power up to Shark Attack Mode, and his Spin Sword transforms into the Shark Sword. The Shark Attack Ranger extends his Shark Sword and destroys the surrounding army of Moogers and Spitfangs, then the five Rangers destroy General Gut. But General Gut then becomes Mega, and the Rangers form the Battlewing Megazord. They strike General Gut with the Flying Slash finisher, but it doesn’t destroy him, and General Gut reveals his Super Serpent. Red Shark Attack Mega Ranger summons the Sharkzord, and the Samurai Megazord’s Katana transforms into the Sharkzord. The Sharkzord destroys the Super Serpent. They combine the Samurai Megazord with the Sharkzord to form the Samurai Shark Megazord and destroy General Gut.

Ranger Red returns to the subway and heads back to his dimension on the train.

End Credits:

Power Rangers Samurai


Voice of Gold Ranger
Jeremy Birchall

Voice of Professor Cog
Cameron Rhodes

Voice of Master Xandred
Jeff Szusterman

Voice of Octoroo
Jeff Szusterman

Voice of Serrator
Derek Judge

Voice of Sergeant Tread
Geoffrey Dolan

Voice of General Gut
John Dybvig

Voice of Sharkjaw
Dean Young

Voice of RPM Red
Tobias Reiss

Story Editor
James W. Bates

Unit Production Manager
Sarah Spurway

Director of Photography
Ilan Rosenberg

Post Production Supervisor
David Ross

2nd Unit Directors
Akihiro Noguchi
Nobuhiro Suzumura

Action Director
Masaki Onishi

Production Designer
Miro Harre

Costume Designer
Jaindra Watson

1st Assistant Director
Craig Wilson

Edited by
Mark Taylor

US Casting by
Iris Hampton

New Zealand Casting by
Terri De’ath

Stunt Coordinator
Mark Harris

Art Director
Rachael Cooper

Production Accountant
Rebecca Hutton

2nd Unit Assistant Director
Quentin Whitwell

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Andrew McGeorge

Sound Recordist
Dave Hurley

Camera Operator
Dana Little

Make Up Supervisors
Kevin Dufty
Lisa Shearer

Mechanical Effects Supervisor
Richard Schuler

Location Manager
Janne Harwood

Visual Effects by
PRPVFX Limited

Visual Effects Supervisor
Carol Petrie

Visual Effects Coordinator
George Ritchie

Post Production Sound
The Inside Track

Sound Designer
Chris Burt

Sound Effects Editor
Stefan Brough

Based on the “Shinkenger” from
Toei Company Limited

From the Japanese Series
Originated by Saburo Hatte

Theme Song Arranged by
Noam Kaniel

Saban Brands

Production Finance
David Shuman

Production Legal
Rami Yanni
Jerod Partin

Filmed on location in New Zealand.

Any persons or events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

™ & © MMXI SCG Power Rangers LLC. All Rights Reserved. Power Rangers and all related Logos, Characters, Names and Distinctive likeness thereof are Exclusive Property of SCG Power Rangers LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Power Rangers Productions Limited

Saban Brands LLC


Toei Company LTD

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