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    I really love you Antonio. You are my hero.

    I have been the BIGGEST FAN of Emily for at least 7 years. Yes that is true, 7 years. I think I am inspired from he in each and every way. I know everything about Brittany Anne Pirtle ( Emily ) and I even play flute. I hearty just love you Emily, You’re my BIGGEST HERO.

    I love so much pink ranger. ^^

    I like the Red and Blue Power Rangers. I also like the Green Ranger. I kind of like the Pink and Yellow Rangers and the Gold Ranger. I wish I could be on their team. When I turn 12, I would like to move to New York and be a Power Ranger. I cannot wait to the 7th Ranger and cover for the Gold Ranger when he is not working. I would be so excited to meet all of you and I wish I could be there right now. I have been practicing karate moves. I have been practicing kicks and punches. You guys could show me some other karate moves. I think I would be a good Power Ranger. You guys would be really proud of me.

    Hello. excellent job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!

    & i m the biggest fan of the pink ranger samurai.I think no body is the biggest fan of the pink ranger instead of me!!!!

    I really love power rangers samurai.Is there any chance to meet power rangers samurai??i’d specially meet the red ranger,pink ranger,gold ranger, green rannger and yellow ranger.i watched all the episodes daily do they travel around to meet peoples???

    Is there any chance I could meet one of the Samurai Power Rangers? I’d especially love to meet the Red Samurai Ranger. Do they travel around to meet people? Please let me know.

    i want to be the yellow ranger

    i love red rangers bullzord

    power rangers is the best i like it mostly i like jaiden

    i wish to join power rangers team because l love the movies when i watch it.please let me join the team. i love blue ranger because he is so strong.i want to be blue ranger samurai.my name is austin i love the blue ranger.how can i get power rangers book.

    Although Power Rangers Samurai is not having new episodes and new power rangers seasons are starting i will always love the samurai one :)

    They rock
    Go go rangers together samurai forever

    i love so much pink ranger….

    I want to be a power ranger samurai the red ranger

    been a long time since I was here
    tell Hannah hi if you see here

    I really love power rangers

    dear alex heartmen i think your cute kind hot and handsome and i think your the best

    dear alex heartmen i think your cute kind hot and handsome and i think your the best

    Hey there I am seriously inl love with Alex Heartman. Love u Alex



    I like so much mia and jaiden

    i wish i go to them and meet them however it will come true i don’t think so.

    I really love prs I wish I could see it’s live shooting

    if you want to find the power rangers go to America!

    I love to watch the power rangers samurai of all the different episodes all the time

    Hi power rangers i wil. Call. You

    I like very much mike emily janden


    Go Go Samurai! I wish I could meet Jayden, Emily, Lauren, and Mike. Emily, you are really beautiful and you did a great job as the Yellow Ranger. Jayden and Mike, you are both awesome and amazing Samurai Rangers. And Lauren, you were an incredible leader as the Red Ranger, just like Jayden was. :)



    hi emily i am just a very very big fan of yours i am form india and i also watch power rangerss every day i just love your kindness and innocent nature

    I am the fan of power ranger when power ranger super samuri is coming on nickelodeon

    I love Mia the pink ranger. I wish I was a ranger and get to meet the others. Go Go Samurai

    i love the yellow ranger

    hey guys, I know how to make a paper samuraiser.-

    1.take a pin page and fold it in half.
    2. fold it again like a phone and draw the black box symbol on it.
    3.draw whatever you want inside it (like a morpher from the inside)
    4. pin the opening from the side and color it.


    I love power rangers samurai.I wish i become pink ranger and i meet her.

    you are awesome super you are the best of all

    i like power rangers because it is a fun show to watch and it has funny moments.

    Not A Lot Of Post Guys (sleep)

    I love the power rangers samurai I always dream about you guys and becoming one of you. I want to be red or blue rangers and I wish I could meet you.

    I like All power rangers in world be course good Acting in the show so lovely I like to see them mighty morphin power rangers very so cool and megazord in the green with evil

    Power rangers samurai is supper awesome and I kind of like jayden

    Power Rangers is an awesome movie

    Hola guys! :)

    hi guys.

    A now what is the sealing symbol or symbol pecata end i know for shiba pecat the sealing symbol is red color end i know everything about power rangeri samurai

    hi everyone ho are you\

    hi everyone

    So. How is your day ever one.

    Thx you all for the comment.

    Power rangers thanks for stopping all the bad guys I really like how you fight.

    what was the first present that jayden got on the episode christmas together friends forever.

    chris alan moram loves power rangers samurai I want be on the shows and every episodes. I love swimming kung fu playing sports. I am trying to be a power ranger samurai. thanks Christopher alan moram.

    Hello samurai power rangers tell the pink ranger I said hey

    Power rangers samurai I give up

    Hey samurai power rangers where are y’all at

    I want to be a trusted true blue ranger

    Alex what happened to Jaden(your acting as him) in the Master Returns

    Hey samurai power rangers y’all did a great job on TV

    hi am Kara nice to meet you Power Rangers. i need your help you need to come to creston ohio to the middle school. pleas come and help me with the bulling.

    Adam can you make a new samurai gateway website because this one is an old website.

    I want to be part of the samurai team I will do anything to be one

    I love power rangers super samurai like Emily (:

    I want to be a purple ranger

    Where can se see Power Rangers live? or meet them?

    i want to become a power ranger

    Hi I am PowerRangers make sure to be safe. I love power rangers

    Adam I just wish that power rangers samurai was back but now there’s mega force

    Not only that I still watch them even when I was little I hope to be part of the samurai

    I’ve always wanted to be a power ranger all my life but never got to be a power ranger yet at least not this time I hope to join the power rangers super samurai team I love jaydon he knows a lot when things go wrong

    I’m the webmaster, yes.

    Adam do you work for the power rangers gateway?

    I love to watch power ranger……..

    …When posting, never give out your home address or phone number, and please no spamming or cursing. If any of those, your post will be removed.

    Hello Darling!

    Adam can you tell the guest book rules one more time?

    go go samurai

    love to watch your movie!

    I love claw machines there can be rare items inside! Go to google . com then search this “Rare Claw Machine Items”

    For some cheats go to this link! www . youtube.com/user/Thinknoodles

    Don’t forget to friend me and tell a parent to play!

    Hi Cabin0416 is my penguins name on club penguin here’s the link www . clubpenguin . com

    HaHaHa I am gonna destroy earth!

    Hey there!
    I love the power rangers samurai emily is my favourite ranger. I wish i was a samurai ranger. Can you make me one pleeeaase?

    My son would like a power ranger book and am having trouble finding a hard cover including all the characters from the episodes – Story book collection I found but not available

    please advise urgent as he needs it for school

    what a great show

    I love to watch the Power Rangers. I Love Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo Power Rangers, Trubo Power Rangers, Power Rangers Space, Power Rangers Samuri, and Power Rangers Super Samuri. And Jayden I am glad you found your Sister Tenaya in Power Rangers Samurai and Jayden I am glad you found your sister Lauren in Power Rangers super Samurai. And Andros I am glad you found your sister Astronema/Karone in Power Rangers in Space.

    are the power rangers real?

    I’m gowing to wach power rangers

    Where do nilocks come

    I really want to be a power ranger

    Can u guys come back for power rangers next year and make a whole new season plz plz

    I like the power rangers I even have a old poster upstairs on one of my walls

    Are you guys online

    I love this show

    Alex are you dateing mia

    who is your girlfriend Alex

    Can you make POWER RANGER SAMURAI season 3

    You Will Make Me A Power rangers Real Power

    I like power rangers, but Jayden is a little bit funny

    Me and my child really enjoy watching the power rangers. There awesome

    marry me mike i love you so much pretty please

    marry me mike

    I love the shows andll the things that they use i wish i could make a set of the stuff they use and it would be amazing if i could see them in person… that would be great it would be the best day ever because i want to be a rnger also i hope you like this true story this is long but it is worth the lot of tyeping pink-mia gold-antanio green-mike red-jaden yellow-emily blue-kevin

    hi mia.. i am a really big fan of you i like the color pink and your so pretty and sweet and kind

    Hi Emily i am a really big fan of you i like the color yellow and your so pretty and sweet

    mia hi i like you

    emily who is your friend

    hi emily whats your real name

    I love the Power Rangers! My mom loves the power rangers samurai. I love Megaforce although my mommy thinks that samurai is much better. She also watches the mushy videos of Emily and Mike on youtube. I want to be a red power ranger when i grow up and I will visit morphicon next year. Yay! I’m excited. I am also going to have a power ranger birthday party. I will be 4 years old.

    hi iam lish iam going play the pink ranger because my favorite colors pink all so iam going to play the pink ranger in the cast when I grown up it sounds like fun to get to meant to power rangers and get to work the on the cast with them cant wait go go samria sincerely lish

    Hi when are you guys coming to New York my kids would love to meet you all.


    “Go, Go Samurai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    My dream is to become a black ranger

    I love PRS AND I Like to be it.

    My Grandsons love your show

    Hello samurai rangers I’m ready to come to morphicon

    Iv’e watched the entire series and the specail episodes and the movie.

    My dream is to be a black or green ranger





    My brother Jack is Jaydens biggest fan he didn’t drink his juice once just because it wasn’t in a red cup.

    I think power rangers is awesome! But i’l always go for the gold

    I love prs just because of jayden iam thebiggest fan of yours in this world ilooooove youuuuuu so much

    i used this website to help me work on making my room all PRS


    Hi my son jojo he is a three year old little boy and is jayden biggest fan for being the young he was the red ranger for Halloween and took off the costume

    Hi power. Rangers. My. Name. Is. Jacob laczko. My. Birthday. Is march 1 and. I would. Like. To. No. How. To. Become. A power. Ranger

    I will be a dinothunder power ranger

    hi power rangers my birth day is febuary 26 2013 and i was wondering if you guys could come it is all free but please come ang i have been a fan sence i was first born and i know alot about power rangers all of them i am a more fan of power rangers than anyone in the world so please thanks by and im turnig 10 . thanks by

    i going to power rangers samuri

    i get why so many people want to see you because you make people happy

    this show is amazing you all are very cool and talented

    i love you

    i love yours can i have mia morpher p\

    I love you Alex heart men any think i do for you

    Can i become a power ranger? and what does it take to become one like moves and stuff. U GUYS ROCK! ARE U GUYS GOING TO BE ON TV ANYMORE. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU GUYS IN PERSON WAIT TO GO RANGERS THE VICTORY REALLY IS YOURS

    power ranger samurai so bad


    hi, power ranghers samuri are the nighloks real

    hi. power. rangers. my. birthday. is. march. 1. and. I. would. like. to. be. a. power. ranger

    your. didear. jaydencan. you. show. me. all. of. h

    jayden i like you so mush

    Hi! Would love to meet you in person.

    hi how are today i am hahahahahahhahahahahahh so do you know me because i am your n fan every day and my little brother likes watching you and other ones so do you want to talk

    you guys rooooooooooooooock

    Am finally back :D love the power rangers samurai

    i have the wii game

    Love Power Ranger Samurai

    i want a asome power ranger book

    Baracuda blade

    Rangers together Samurai forever

    I mean i love Jaden’s sister and i like Jaden

    I love Jayden’s and i like Jayden

    My fav is Jaden’s sister

    I wish the power ranger samurai were real

    the best is jayden

    i want be poweranger and be part of team

    Who says that Power Rangers are just for Boys??
    Because I love it, and I think that’s the best show ever. My favorite is Emily

    And so we recently came to the end of yet another Power Rangers incarnation. POWER RANGERS SAMURAI was everything that I expected it to be & an whole lot more. The team performed way better than any other previous POWER RANGER teams from past incarnations & once again saved the human world & everyone in it from a terrible enemy threat. The final episodes were excellent & I was glad that I was able to experience them in full. I am looking forward to the forthcoming Christmas episode & also to the upcoming 20th incarnation of POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE! Power Rangers rule forever!!!!

    i think the gold ranger and the red ranger are the best rangers on power rangers super samurai

    why are there no accsesories to go with the pink power ranger costume? theres loads for boys! but none for girls?

    I love the power rangers samurai.i would love to see alex heartman face to face.my favourite ranger is jayden.my favourite nighlok is master xandred.goodbye!

    master xandred is gone amazing

    decker is gone (stiff) but i wanted him to join the team

    power ranger double samurai

    How would I book an event with the power rangers?

    Wow look at tht there are two hannahs?

    could you send me to be on power ranger super samurai

    decker have a scoprion zord……………….

    I can`t wait for episodes 42&44!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i miss only one episode in super samurai the name of the episode is ‘ the great duel

    Can I be a power ranger?

    Mike is mine favorite power. Ranger forever

    Power. Ranger super. Samurai

    mine too

    Mike is my favorite ranger Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for putting this website on the web.It is awesome. Jaydon is my favorite ranger forever.

    I can`t wait for episodes 40&41!!!!!!

    Kk Adam I didn’t kno who it was at first thanx for telling us :)

    Mike is my favorite ranger forever !!!!!!!!!!

    I cant wait for epiode 39!!!!!!!!!

    jayden love emily . emily is sweet and lovely . jayden love emily very much

    Thank u Adam btw bcuz I really wanna see this episode its wat I hav been waiting for

    U click on chat its on the border thing up top with schedule releases mailing contact etc.

    where is the chatroom

    This Saturday’s new episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai “The Great Duel” may air at 11:30AM ET instead of 1pm ET.

    Mark chat with me in the chatroom! :)

    I love power ranger they are so cool

    Thanks cause there are some i don’t actually have

    To save Gallery Images, try dragging a Thumb image (80×45) into a new Window/Tab. It should load the larger image rather than the Thumb image. Or if you have DownloadHelper (an add-on for Mozilla Firefox), you can download all the larger images from the page at the same time. If you have a Wheel Mouse, try clicking the Wheel.
    – Here’s a direct link:

    i can’t beleve jayden left the team i hope he returns

    how do i save the pics again

    I was totally suprized when Jayden left

    i like you guy’s so much that i cant wait untail you guy’s team up to destro master zandred

    i wish power ranger super samurai season 3 come soon

    i fan jayden lauren shiba red power rangers

    no problom

    Oh ok thanx mark :)

    go to nick.com and find the red ranger icon click on it than go to episodes and you can see some of the episodes that you missed

    Wow I missed the episodes wat my luck

    serrator is finally distroyed

    Hi Rangers your stunds are awesome. I have got an new Power Rangers Name: Power Rangers Ultra Force.

    go in www . nick . com and play super samurai game.

    wwooooh i like that that megazords.

    Ummmmmm………… power rangers is awesome!!!

    i like the episode most at he ain’t metal he’ my brother when antonio, mia,terry sing everyday fun song

    my character is steven skyler and kimberly crossman

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm ok hannah guz

    I don’t think I’m on poptropica anymore I will try to get back on though

    the promo code and enter applebees12 ok

    hannah guz i wont let the code be a secret on www . poptropica . com now go to store the see

    my favorite is antonio

    Alright cam I will if I can

    Power Rangers Samurai Is Awesome! I Love them! The Shows And Episodes Are AWESOME!

    yes hannah guz i found a web site called www . miniclip . com come join!

    Ummm…. ok cam

    and can the real phone to buy

    can i be power rangers please

    well hannah guz remember poptropica well go to

    www . nick . com i have a character named so tell me your nick nickname later tonight i will go back later!

    All I go on is facebook

    i play poptropica and roblox

    hi jayden. i like you

    hi jayden

    Cam umm it led me to a school site why did u give me this website? Or asked me to go on it?

    well i am just playing poptropica now ok i cant play roblox any more

    i think that if the nhiloks and master xandred wolde be good they will be much strongeer and they will destroy profesor cog just like in the eposoides

    i cant whait to see power rengers supers samurai

    I think decer is evol

    who are miely and lily?

    Miely and lily where are you!!!!!?????



    I haven’t seen the new one yet :(

    I can’t wait for the last episode

    i’m hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhappy

    i love power rangers.i can’t miss it a day.i really look forward on seeing you guys.

    Jayden and mia can’t they date in real life they will make a perfect couple and I’m also a big fan of jaymia stories

    the new episode is coming on on satarday 1:00PM

    We love power ranges

    are you bring new zords/megazords

    I’m second Yellow Super Samurai Ranger

    Does anyone else think Emily and Mike should go out? :)

    Ok cabin0416

    hanna guz i have a new character on this website named cabin0416 cause i think i will be your friend but i will see your chat message but i will never respond ok bye later!

    its me i have a new member name anit that sweet

    ok. wo

    Have a nice day

    I’m making this out to the starring guy, Alex Heartman to grab his attention. So Alex I’m excited about the show coming back with new episodes featuring newcomer Kimberly Crossman as your …, Lauren. Between us and your costars, it seems like just yesterday I dreamed of this as an adventure on which I set off. And now it’s finally coming true. Any how, I’m looking forward to it. I hope you’ll see this, and you may write back. That is, if you’re so busy. Catch ya later. :)

    I love the power rangers.

    jayden quats your years old ?

    anthony iike power rangers mega froce
    after super samurai
    sent me a note plsese
    your freind anthony pereira

    I like them all there awesome


    i want to meet power rangers samuria i want to become power rangers samuria

    i haven’t talked to anyone in a while where has everyone been

    I like antonio gold ranger very much


    YES!!! The Announcement I’ve been waiting for — Saban Brands Acquires Digimon Brand :)

    Hi guys my name is Pamy and I have a 3 year old son named jayvien who absolutely loves you guys!! We live in Orlando fl and I know he would love to meet you all. He really likes Antonio, he watches power rangers all day long. Please come visit Orlando sometime soon!

    Hi my name is emily i and i live in New York I love your Show guys. Jayden lead your team to Victory brcause I know you will deliver. Kevin your great with your drawings and making new cobonations possible. Mike I love vidoe games to in fact I have the power ranger game keep on praticeing and you will defeat a nighlock by your self. Emily your not just a mess you were ment to be there with your team never doubt that emily you are great at fighting. Mia your a great team member. Antonio your moves are golden with your bareacuda blade. I really want to meet you guys i wish i could live with you guys and see what it is like to be a sammeri. Best tv. show ever. I want you guys to be my freind… You guys Rock. Go Go Sammeri

    What’s new in your AWESOME!!!! samurai lives? :) :D :)


    The chat thing is awesome!!!!! Its better than the old one

    Ok good enough for me! :D

    The Chats are now working again :) Note: If you had previously Registered a username, You will have to re-Register.

    i like emily

    dear,alex,erika,najee,david,britanny,steve. i like 2 inform u dat my sister nd i re really interested in ur show . anyway dats not aproblem if not that we live in africa. nd uguys re i europe. iwould luv 2 invite u to my birthday party am going to be 12yrs

    infact all of u re d best i dnt know d one to choose

    jayden youger sister fabalous and awesone
    deker is dead because red ranger jayden destroy in EVIL REBON

    i like the pink rangers mia because she is very confident rangers!! and she maintain her figure very nicely !! she is fabalous rangers!!

    cool rangers

    dear power ranger my name is Natalie I live in Gillett Wyoming your my hero I wish I could meet you guys

    i like d saban power rangers how i wish i could meet u all . i really like drangers jayden and mike both of u are cool

    what’s up maz

    Hey maz


    hi power ranger it’s me nikhil i like gold ranger and baraguna blade is super i like red ranger with super samurai mode even i want to be a power ranger super samurai



    Sorry Maz I hav been busy with skool.

    everyone’s busy maybe

    Why is no-one talking to me :(

    anthony iike power rangers super samura
    new episode is crack in the world
    sent me a note plsese
    your freind anthony pereira

    when will it come at india ‘s tv

    ikr :) What’s hangin’ my peeps :)

    hector david jr. rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    The chatroom still isn’t fixed yet unfortunately :( I will keep at it though to get it working again

    Is the chatroom fixed yet?

    I watched that movie clash of the red rangers from power rangers samurai it was awesome I have never seen it!

    I’m really really sorry cam but I cant :(

    i wish i can meet alex heartman because i think his heart is very sweet that is why his name is alex heartman

    i love the scene in which jayden morph into super samurai mode

    Oh and also I.m a huge huge

    Oh and p,s your golden friend is hot to

    Jayden and mick I think you are so so very cute
    hot and handsome

    hannah guz i am so sorry was gone allmost everyday but do you know how i was gone why i was gone i shearched a new club called roblox it is a cool club i hope you reading this cause you should be in that club go to roblox.com then make a character account then go to your new club then if you want to see me there go to people and enter cabin0416(me!)then send a friend request and tell me your name on roblox if you go to stores allout if you go to the credit card thing then go to you account page then go to builders club then go to the card you got then enter the pin on the back it will say if you are on the tbc obc or bc so if you want to buy something go to catalog and buy something so i hope your in the club ok see ya later bye

    Hi gues


    We have never meet power ranges.we wish power ranges come our home

    Hi my name Is pragya I am 12 years old I saw the promo of power rangers samurai and super samurai I have become a fan of it my favriote charector is jayden and mentor ji . I can’t walk on my legs because of nerves problem , but I also wants to become a power ranger like jayden just once I want to chat with alex heartman

    I think that all of the power rangers are AWESOME!!! Soz that haven’t been on in a while, have had loads of homework from school :) :D :)

    jaydan you are the best and you are my best freind and my best buddy.

    jayden u are my favourite. i love u very very very much. u are so cute . and u are the best red ranger ever.

    hi ranger i love u all and i think power ranger samurai is the best season ever after. Jayden i mean alex u are mu favourite actor.

    hi rangers please i wanna be the the gold ranger like antonio garcia and antonio your awesome and I wanna be like so much and for spike i know you meet the pink ranger thats mia and actully mike heres for you i actully like to video games so its ok i saw you mike dancing at the shiba house so funny and please make the gold ranger please and please jayden reply and thanks guys if you make me the gold ranger. from danica to samurai rangers and lasting make the super samurai gold ranger ok thanks.

    hi power rangers

    este sitio es cool



    it was so funny when mike had a picture of kevin as a ballerina

    The Chat Rooms have stopped working due to it being outdated. I will try to get them back up and running again.


    at least the episodes will be on saterdays and we don’t have any school on saterdays

    Kool? Best frank

    i want to be a ranger samurai

    this is cool samurai

    My name is bestfrank i want to be one of the samurai power rangers as the black ranger and to get the morhper that is my history to be a power rangers

    I want to be a power ranger samurai.

    Cool Adam!

    Vortexx’s Action-Whacked Saturdays Mornings on The CW! promo.

    Where are you miely!

    Antonio is a fisherman and tech-wizard of the group and was childwood of jayden and I like antonio very much GO GO SAMURAI

    I really don’t know and btw power rangers are stared in Australia so you r really the lucky one here!

    OMG!!! How come in Australia we always have to wait for like 6 kagillian years until the new seasons of the Power Rangers Samurai come out. Americans are so lucky!!! :)

    jayden you rock

    how do i get a power rangers samuri sheba phone

    antonio is best ranger I like his dress

    jayden is a real samurai ranger and he is a leader of team

    i love power rangers.

    im sad because gold couldn t touch his bearacuda
    blade :(

    hi :)

    I’ll be friends with anyone who asks :) ‘Coz anyone who likes power rangers samurai, is a friend of mine :) :D :)

    samurai shark gigazord vs serrator
    red samurai ranger is lauren
    power rangers super samurai
    the final battle

    my loveing miea .i love very much i like your and yellow ranger also are you in japan .My name anusha i am in pune ever day i see power ranger samurai .your loveing anusha tell to yellow ranger also

    they should make a power rangers super samurai game on ds or wii or game cube



    power rangers super samurai is the best show ever made

    serrator is going to split open the earth into two, i hope jadayn feels better before that happens.

    Right on! conner :) :D :)

    i like power rangers super samurai i hope i see jayden seal master x be gone forever


    Alex got slimed :)

    I wish I saw him on figure it out and mark do u live in the unites states?

    he got slimed

    your show is awsome mike and jaden you guys are so cool

    Shoot I missed Alex heartman fudgicles.

    alex harman is going to be on figure it out tonight at 7:00

    i love shogon mode

    I can’t wait until the episodes for the shogun samurai come out. it wil be EPIC!!! :) :D :)

    i luv power rangers its full of action adventure and all of the episodes are really intense.

    and i can believe that bulk and spike went into the shiba house. and jaydens last name is shiba.

    i can’t belive bulk and spike were at the shiba house

    The power rangers samurai are AWESOME!!! Also can’t wait till the green and yellow ranger hook up :) REALLY EXCITED!!!!

    Anyone realize that the rangers (Not antonio) is always wearing the color they are somewhere. Wether its on sneakers or even necklace. Isn’t that cool????

    love you all :D <3

    i am a big fan of power rangers samurai

    that was very deep. i almost cryed. :’(

    I eagerly await the conclusion of the series in the fall & also eagerly await to see another team of Rangers defeat their enemies forever & save the Earth. I’m also very much looking forward to the rise of the 20th season, POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE, next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Power Rangers will keep going on for years to come & I will continue to be a fan as I have been since the very beginning with MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS for as long as possible, even though I’m no longer a kid & am actually now 37 years old, but I still think of myself as a kid at heart!!!

    SO DO I! :D


    adam why did you hire a secirty guard cat

    I have a crush on the yellow ranger. I think she is pretty and I love her voice. I would love to meet one of you, latterly meet one of you. I’m your biggest fan. I want to be a samari some day. Love Jacob

    I wish I was realated to Alex heartman a.k.a jayden red ranger.

    I have never meet the power rangers samurai I wish if they come to my house

    it is very good this think of power rengers samuari

    Can`t Wait To See:
    Gigazord With Sharkzord
    Shogun Green And Yellow
    Master Xandred Destroyed
    Jayden vs Deker Final Battle

    I am also tempted to see the death of master xandred! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i like the show

    i miss power rangers cant wait till the end of the season. :D

    power rangers sumurais are super heros and i am a red ranger and my brother is a green ranger

    Hi guys,
    You guys are the best! My favourite is Jayden and Antonio and Emily!

    I love Power Rangers Samurai, and Super Samurai. Mike is my favorite. :) I’m older than 10 and I still <3 Power Rangers Samurai, and I won't admit it to my friends. Lol! I even made up my own Samurai Fan Club….and I'm the Orange Ranger….! :D Remember, a Samurai never gives up.

    Hey adam nice job setting up this site ! :D

    i love power rangers samurai .power rangers are owesome .i am a big fan of alex .brittany is very cute. i raely love all of the samurai rangers.i wish will be their friend someday.

    you guys are awsome im even making a story of you guys;smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    very nice show

    I want to be the red ranger

    it is very asome .the yellow ranger is very beautiful .in my phon the photos is many of yellow ranger

    I really love power rangers samurai. I have seen other series of power rangers like : dino thunder,mystic force,ninja storm, etc …… so i have been watching power rangers ever since I was 4 years old and it’s no different today. tell u more l8er.

    you guys are super cool your zods everything i am your biggest fan in the world ! my favriote ranger is gold ranger

    To save Gallery Images, try dragging a Thumb image (80×45) into a new Window/Tab. It should load the larger image rather than the Thumb image. Or if you have DownloadHelper (an add-on for Mozilla Firefox), you can download all the larger images from the page at the same time. If you have a Wheel Mouse, try clicking the Wheel.
    – Or direct link:

    How do i save the pics again cause the other site doesn’t have them

    I wonder what’s going to happen next? :/

    I love Alex heartman! :D

    In the episode the master returns the last part was intense. :o !

    i hope the red ranger survives from master xanderad

    the power rangers samurai are awsome.my favorite rangers are red ranger:jaydan and green ranger:mike and my best rangers is gold ranger:antonio garcia. i’ve watched all your episode the super samurai and the super samurai clash of the red ranger

    SICK dude!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can’t beleve master xandred came to earth on the episode the master returns

    i love your show so much i could burst

    ive wached all your episdes exept super samurai

    i have a samuraisar it has white bams like yours but the front is not like yours i’m yu jayden i’m the red ranger

    dear,rangers how are you ? I have seen who is power rangers samurai.you can send me a letter.

    Jayden is sort of like a brother to me I wish I could see him just once.

    I also wish I could be a power ranger but at least on jayden’s team !

    i like mia and she makes good foods.min is the pink.dear power rangers. i like you guys now you must work together to help the country from bad mosters.

    i like you guys forever and i love you guys.

    Today im going to trian today but i need to go to school

    i love mia so much.

    mia is the great ranger i ever seen.she is the cool ranger that i like.

    I LOVE MIA AND EMILY! The 2 girls.
    power rangers is my favorite of ALL TIME!
    Thanks for being our leader Jayden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i like things that power up.

    mia you are the best ranger i ever seen. and all togather if you guys work togather i will like you guys.

    i like two rangers pink and the yellow and all the rangers is all togather.

    my ranger is the pink ranger. i like all the rangers

    i like you guysssssssssssss for saving the plant.i like the pink ranger .

    what happened to sharkjaw?

    i like to ask you a question samurai rangers. what is your most and least favorate of all the nighlok (not that you like them anyway)?

    Hey jayden thanks for being a leader and me what its like to risk being with friends and family. And thanks to kevinand Mike for having me see what its like when your fighting yourselves not only the glue and I know what it’s when my friends and family is fighting and if reading this please answer to me what you have been through with your family and give me advice.

    Hey jayden I just wanted to say that I am sort of like you I am the leader of my little sister and brothers. My family is huge and all of my brothers and sisters are really my half so really I am an only child. I watch you on power rangers so I can tell what a real leader looks like. So that I can lead my sibblings in the right direction. Hope to really hear from. Please give me advise I don’t want to be a horrible sister.

    I love power rangers.I love how they do teamwork,and cooperate together as a team.For real i love their samurai things such as spins swords, zords , samuraizers, special disks, the black bot, and every thing else i wish i was a samurai

    Hi samurai rangers it is nice tomeet you. I’m one of your biggest fan residing in a country called Guyana in South America. However, I’m an Antiguan by birth (Antigua is found in the Caribbean). I have a little cousin name Haniel.He loves and adore your show and wishes to be a samurai like you. His favourite ranger is Jayden because he is strong and a good leader. Mine’s is Antonio because he is gentle, kind,loving and funny. He is also trying his best to be part of the group which I think is honourable enough.To tell you the truth I was quite shocked when I heard him sing because he sounds really good and I think that he should sing more often.Point to note that I love to sing as well. My cousin and I love to learn how to play the guitar since that’s our favourite musical instrument. We hope to hear from you soon.Bye!

    I love Power Rangers Samurai. My favorite nighlok is Serrator. My favorite ranger is green ranger. Mike is so cute. I think Emily is SMOAKING HOT! Do Mike and Emily date?

    Hello me and my brother are huge fans of yall tommrow is my brothers birthday one one present I would love to give him is yall comming to this birthday party his name is marcelo bye

    Are the Power Rangers Super Samurai real and if you are we are being attacked by a monster and it’s a Nighlok and he said my name is Serrator.

    awsome show

    mia and jayden should fall in love

    i love mia and mike the so cut

    i love all the shows of the power rangers

    have u guys wach power rangers super samurai it is vary cool.U needed to wach ;]

    Rangers you are the best i watch you all the time and write stories too. I love the action and think you should have a vampire ranger . I love the red one.

    I love power rangers they r the best action tv show for kids and me .


    I love jayden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

    powerrangers are awesome.

    awsome website love the info

    mike&emily kevin&mia jadan&antoio are perfect

    i want bulk and spike to stop a niglock someday

    .krystal and alondra we’re power ranger samauri rangers as voliet/red as is a buttertly mogazord power and alondra she’s is a yellwo/gold.star ranger with bright ranger as a flower ranger samauri to save th day by the nigalok by ouuuur first time to beet him so come we’re can do this is so let’s go guys and they all said; right let’s go!

    i like the power rangers.

    I can’t believe Decker’s alive! I swear . Well he is immortal and now he has a better sword than last time.

    JAYDEN IS AWESOME !!!¡!!!!!!¡!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No emily’s sister is still alive .

    I can’t believe serrator cursed deker and turned dayu into a nighlock. : (

    Dear jayden,
    You r the only person who has inspired me to believe and to have dreams . I love your show and keep up the good work on being the leader. You r my rolemodle . I wish I could meet you in person. Thanks for doing on what you do best.

    dear mia i love your moves an i like the way u fight…an i wish i could chat with you

    There’s only one word to describe this latest series of Power Rangers: Great! I am loving this series more and more as each new episode is aired & am fascinated with the cool weapons that are added to the arsenal & the new Zords that have also been added. This is the best series of Power Rangers that I have seen in many years. Antonio Garcia is a great 6th Ranger & he fights fast & strong. The other Rangers are great too, especially Jayden, he makes a great leader. Mia & Emily are so beautiful, and Mike & Kevin are so brave. 5 stars to Power Rangers Samurai, AKA Power Rangers Super Samurai!!!!

    Dear Antonio , you fight real fast and I like it . So I like your action and you real want to defeat nine locks

    from ADONIAS

    Dear Mike , I know you like skate boarding and playing video games ,and I know that you want to defeat the night locks and you want to fight the nine locks by your self so you practice a lot

    from ADONIAS

    Dear Emily I know you are trying to help Jayden,and you are doing good

    from ADONIAS

    dear Mia I realy like your moves and a lot people in my class there was writing about you and I know you were trying to make food to everbody in the sheba house but they donot like it .do you how I know ? because I watch your movie

    from ADONIAS

    dear kevin you are a good prascticer and you are realy good at the defending nicklons and I know all of your friends their names are jayden. mia emily mike and antonio and I know that you hate mias food

    from ADONIAS

    dear jayden you are the most powerful ranger in the world and I know all of your friends there names are kevin mia emily mike antonio

    I can’t believe Alex heartman didn’t show on kids choise awards.

    vote for alex heartman in kids choice awards!

    I can’t wait to see what the team will next to stop master x .

    I love jayden I watch power ranger samurai 24/7

    I say all over you because I watch your show every day

    i love alex heartman ! a.k.a. ( jayden ) please vote for him !

    The Red Ranger is my favorite. I have watched all of the Red Ranger videos.

    last week i saw alex heartman as jayden is a super mega red ranger

    i cant wait for episode samurai forever but thats a long time from here i wish u could just film them all then put them on tv every day

    make a special that has the RPM rangers team up with the samurai rangers to fight all of the RPM rangers’ enemies that they defeated
    It will be so awesome

    I really love your show. I haven’t seen any new ones lately.

    Hi Samurai Power Rangers I’ve watched every single episode of Power Rangers Samurai And you all rock Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Gold Ranger , Pink Ranger, And Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger good luck on the best TV show Actor Awards I hope you win and I bet the other Samurai Rangers want you to win like me Love your number 1 fan Jacob

    all power ranger super samurai i hoop you save the world and kill master xanderid and the other enimes

    I love super samurai and i can’t wait for episode 7 the 31st do they have the name of the city the live in

    I like Power Rangers Wild Force so much. I want you to come to my house – and I want to be a Gold Ranger

    hi jayden i am a big fan of yours


    i got a computer and you only have 2 games at nick.com power rangers samurai rangers together samurai forever and power rangers super samurai i’m on level 3 with the rangers red,blue.green,yellow,pink,and gold

    Golden ranger you are my best ranger of all time I am your biggest fan and hi to all rangers and I love your outfit how did you make because I want to make one that looks just like yours.And red ranger can I join your group and be black ranger because I train just like a black ranger and I already know my samurizer

    hey !!!! me and me sister are the biggest fans of your show. and hi to all the rangers

    hi jayden im a big fan of your show and i was to practing how to be a samurai ranger just like you guys and i was training myself how to be a samurai so i just want to know if i can join your group and and your samuraizer morpher cause i know i dont have a samuraizer morpher so if you have one left for me could you please give me a samuraizer cause i wanna be a real yellow samurai ranger and p.s. tell emily and mia that i said hi sincerly Chloe.

    hi jayden im a big fan of your show and i was practicing how to be a power ranger samurai just like you guys so i just want to know if i can join your team and your samuraizer cause i know i dont have a samraizer and i can train my self how to be a samurai ranger,sincerly chloeand p.s. tell emily and mia that i said hi

    Power Rangers Super Samurai is cool especially Super Blue and Super Pink! Awesome! Pokemon’s a little bit more better. Fantabulous! Super Samurai and Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destenies

    Dear Power Rangers Super Samurai cast i am your number 1 fan Power Rangers Super Samurai is my number 1 favorite game to play and my favorite show to watch.I always copy your moves when Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai is on. Jayden you are my number favorite Power Ranger.

    Power rangers super Samuri is going to be awesome.

    Power rangers samurai rocks


    Super Samurai, in my opinion, is better than Samurai … Only I did not like to see the logo separately in the opening, as was shown from the promo 01. I have nothing against Jayden, hope to see the character of Kim Crossman shine this season!

    i love the power rangers super samurai. They are so cool.i love mia and jayden and mike they are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love your show so much that i watched every episode

    adam i like this website

    i love all the power rangers episodes.

    this web site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU POWER RANGERS SAMURAI, I LIKE THE COUPLE OF JAYDEN AND MIA both complement each other perfectly, I love every moment they spend together, you definitely should be even…

    there are 20 more episodes in season 2 of power rangers SUPER SAMURAI

    emily 4ever ! mike n emily r so cute my 2 fav rangers

    I want to be a power ranger dose anyone know how to get on tv doing that

    is there any cool deker costumes

    hey when i am older i whant to be on your show =D

    i think you guys are the best
    and so cool i wish to meet some day


    i have nintendo ds lite i’m geting one next week on tuesday january 31

    I love the power rangers samurai.I love your moves to and Mia the bast one in the taem.

    I like your moves can you make more games

    salut emily
    tu est cool pour moi
    est ta couleurs
    ranger yellow sese cool
    est on aime jayden ranger red
    est cool pour un samurai ranger
    pour moi de melissa

    Jason, Zack, Kimberly,Billy, Trini, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Katherine, Delphine, Aurico, Cestro, Tideus, Corcus, Tanya, Justin, T.J., Ashley, Cassie, Carols, Andros, Zane, Leo, Damon, Kindrix, Kai, Maya, Mike C, Karone, Carter, Joel, Chad, Kelsey, Dana, Ryan, Jen, Lucas, Katie, Trip, Wes, Eric, Cole, Talor, Max, Danny, Alyssa, Merick, Tori, Shane, Dustin, Hunter, Blake, Cam, Conner, Eathen, Kira, Trent, Jack, Z, Sky, Sydney, Brige,Camander Cugar, Nick, Xander, Chip, Maddison, Vida, Udonna, Daggeron, Mack, Dax, will, Ronny, Rose, Tyzonn, Casey, Lily, Theo, RJ, Dominic, Scott, Summer, Flynn, Ziggy, Dillon, Gem, Gemma, Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Mia, Emily, and Antonio are all great power ranger and i’ll never ever ever forget them.We ouw them for stopping evil and saving the world.

    every power ranger from every season should team up against the nighlok

    i love samurai

    you guys are the best team ever!!!!!!!! Jayden you are my favorite ranger from the team!!!!!!!! hope you guys have a wonderful next episode

    You guys are the best i want to meet you some day. I feel bad for Emily she could help dekers wife. I`m 10.Emily i know you have it in you. if you guys would talk to me some how that would be awesome. Mike you have to teach me that fun symbol.Antonio i like your daggers there nice. I`m your biggest fan. Jayden you are really tough. I want to be like you. Mia you care alot about friends,family,and people. Kevin your spin sword is awesome. all of your mega modes are sweet really sweet.

    hi its diffrent will they cal me william thats my real name i really want mike and emily to kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really mean it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope mike kisses emily some day that would knock me out ha ha ha ha ha ha ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha

    dear samurai actors,i wish i could see you i live in phillidelphia . how do i get to you

    dear power rangers samurai you are the greatest hours ever mia and emily i like you girls because you are my favorite colors pink and yellow

    hey Power rangers samurai red jayden

    your shows awsome jayden is the best!!!!!!

    i love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE your show!!!!!!!! My favourite character is EMILY!!!!!!!!!! Dear EMILY you´re my biggest model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST WISHES : C.S

    I am your biiiiiiiiiigest FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C.S

    i think mike and emily are a good couple

    What is jayden’s secret and jayden is really handsome

    you know what the next new episode everyones telling me that it won’t air till 2012 i think its a rumor maybe ? we shall see i hope not i’ve been watching this show since i was like 5 and i’m 12 now soo if i have to wait i’m going to be soooooooooo mad + what is up with jaydens new hair cut i like the old one better what do you think

    I love Power Rangers samurai the lion sword i getting samurai megazord,spin sword,the blue ranger,the gold ranger for christmas this year.jayden,mia,kevin,mike,emily,and antanio are the samurai power rangers the jappense red rangers is also a samurai ranger in the series samurai sentai shinkengers but i like the red samurai ranger jayden blazing storm

    i think mike and emily would be a couple

    Hello samurai power rangers I need help I’m Billy the mighty morphin blue ranger will you come to Georgia to help me at my grandparents house

    Power Rangers Samurai is kind of good.My bro likes golden power ranger.

    Power Rangers Samurai is better than Jungle Fury!And nice costumes!

    I like power rangers because I watch them on tv

    i love the power ranger so much!!!!!! I think it’s cool!

    i love power rangers samurai. i might sound a little weird but i rally want to become a samurai ranger actress it is my dream

    me and my son just the power rangers and plus he was brone in the same moth that new ranger come out

    Will you do being updates soon for the Samurai Movie Special??? I can’t stop watching it!!

    Dear Samari Rangers :I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

    I love Mia & Jayden, Mike & Emily of Power Rangers Samurai….

    I’d like to see more of them!!!

    i got a toy mooger adam

    mia I love you

    I can’t wait for “clash of the red rangers”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love power rangers I watch evry show it is my dream to be Emily

    I love power rangers so much that I check on their website everyday!! Jayden and Mia are my favorite characters on the show! They rock with their LOVE!!!!

    me and cj like your show.

    I wishI could meat Jaden ,Mia,Emily,Antonio,Mike,and Kevin in rael life.

    I love the beracdablade of Antonio Garsias.

    Duds I tottale love Power Ranger Samuri

    I WANT TO BE APART OF YOUR TEAM SO BAD!!!!!!!! I WOULD BE THE ORANGE RANGER. VISIT ME ONE DAY!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the Power Rangers Samurai!!!!!!!!! I play power ranger samurai everyday at school and at home. Jayden and mike are my favorite charaters!!!!!!!!! I always wonder how you guys do alot of flips. They are so cool!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I heart the pink ranger


    hay rangers i am big fan all show watch all every
    day and i lake to ready power rangers samurai book everyday mike emily jayden kevin mia love you

    Does anyone know where I can find the new rangers bedding and room accessories? My three year old is a HUGE fan. He’s getting a new bed for Christmas and we want to complete it with PR bedding. Thanks.

    I love Mia and Jayden!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that they are right for each other!!!

    i always watch power rangers and my favorite is emily and mike

    I want to become the white ranger I think it should be a girl like meeeee

    i love power rangers samurai but i have not seen 5 episodes and red and green rangers are my fav

    i am he biggest fan of power rangers samurai!!!!! I love Mia and Jayden!!!!! I want to be Mia!!!!!!!!!!


    power rangers is the best

    I want to join all 5 of you power rangers.

    i like the part when decker falled off the clift the rangers are so powerful rangers toghether samurai forever decker and dyu are merryed and then they tern in to a nighlock by nighlock shadow
    he is the one how tern people in to bad nighlocks

    Power Rangers is an awesome tv series, I’ve been watching since I was a kid. All the other series were great and this one is no different.

    Cool show

    hi ilikepawerranger

    Hi! EXCELLENT PAGE, I love it! keep spreading the power ranger mania! :D Greetings from Paraguay, South America ;D

    i want to be the green ranger

    rinosnorus ha thats a funny name

    i love power rangers samurai i am like their biggest fan

    is there going to be a female red ranger

    red ranger is cute with his blue eyes and great leadership and i believe that kevin mia mike emily and antonio like him

    I love the red ranger and i wonder what’s his secret that he must keep from his friends. Is there going to be female red ranger that has to take Jayden’s place as a samurai and will they both be on the team or one of them has to be the red ranger and where is jayden’s mother and father

    was up blue ranger cool suit costume

    can i be a samurai too

    i love you power ranger samurai have a nice weekend

    My cousin love red ranger.

    For halloween I`m going to be blue ranger

    Hi Samurai Rangers.
    I’m not a Ranger But A Member Of The Bionic Six! If u were going to let me become a ranger, that would be great! U could make me a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. I would be the Yellow Ranger! My Height won’t matter.

    Bionic’s On!

    Can I be a samurai too!!!!????

    I love power rangers samurai!!!!!! It’s my favorite show!

    I hope there would b a collision of shows “Big Time Samurai” Carlos & Antonio would be “The Garcia bros” Logan, Mike & James would be a fair trio Kendall & Jayden would be buddies and Y’all should have Kesha in that epic TV premire

    i wanna be a power ranger so badley i like the yellow and green the best power rangers are cool

    I love the new power rangers

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can i be a power ranger

    i wish i will be a power ranger

    I love you mike :) mwahh!!!!! and ilove you kevin the blue ranger

    everyone combind your symbol power with jadens and use the sealing symbol

    hi power rangers hey i like a your show and i be the next white power ranger in your final episode this year oh my is micheal mancusi.

    power rangers rock. i like all of rangers not gold i also like the zeo rangers

    hello samurai friends lm big fan of power rangers and lm collecter l got collection of all power rangers of all seasons. now l got my final the samurai rangers the 18th season is my last one. l love my power rangers l wish l could join in power rangers club.

    hi samurai power rangers and i like to invite you to my pizza party next wednesday. We could hang out im a superhero too!

    I want the samurai rangers(including Steven Skyler) to visit my house

    i love power rangers samurai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am your huggest fan i also want to be a Samurai Ranger. The orange ranger element of the sun my zords:shark zord and wasp zord. when they conbine the Samurai Megazord they become Shark Bite Megazord and Wasp Stinger Megazord. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE! LET ME BE A PART OF YOUR TEAM!!!!!!! ILL BE CRYING ABOUT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO HOO CRY SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i titled a movie with me in it. and after the movie BRING ME THE SLUSHY MAGIC KIT!

    a mi desde chica me gustaban estas peliculas o sea realmente todas la series son buenas……….hay dos que me gustan mas que todas las demas: La serie turbo y la serie de este año que esta sensacional…..soy de uruguay……muchos besos.

    I know all your moves, catch phrases ,your nighlok enemies. Everything, All of the above I’m am power rangers samurai’s #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Go Power rangers!!!!!!!!! I Hope there will be new episodes very very soon

    hey guys my name is mark and i hope the rangers defeat arecnatoir

    I’d like 2 introduce 2 U the 7th samurai, me, Gideon Martinez The Black Ranger

    Power rangers rule!!!! They should have Jayden and Emily kissing in the end and Kevin and Mia too B)

    But the coolest is the gold ranger.

    Hey guys my name is bryan and i always like the blue power ranger. If the real power rangers is reading this, can i please be the 7th ranger like the silver ranger or orange ranger.

    hey guys your the best rangers to my samuri megah zord

    I’ve just always wanted 2 B the 7th samurai

    i love you power rangers

    i like the zords and the mass

    i like the power rangers

    i like the green ranger he is so awsome

    well i have watched a lot of seasons of this show but this one is one of my favorites and if the real rangers are reading this i would say hi and love the new season ur all my favorite characters but i kind ok like Brittany a little bit better

    i am nonr 1 fam

    this is a cool website
    PR Samurai rocks

    Hi Samurai Rangers I really want to meet you, and become the next Samurai Ranger I like the red, yellow, and green, rangers, but mostly i like the red Samurai ranger I hope you can show me some moves I’ve been watching power rangers since it came on I want to be the white Samurai Power ranger, and help you fight evil

    I can’t wait to see the vest power-up!

    i wish i could be a samurai ranger

    you bet it does.

    power ranger samarui rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when will the next episode come up? will the rangers defeat arachnitor or will they die?

    i like mike espechelly when he does that spin sourd

    hi love power ranger samurai my fav is red ranger jayden

    i LIKE the Yellow so much she’s my FAVORITE

    the bear zord is cool.even when the megazord combines i like the samurai one the swordfish one bettle one and the tiger one yeahhh go go power rangers samurai

    i like the rangers together samurai game too bad that the red ranger is locked because of otrcoo i will kill him you have to defeat arecentairor to save jyaden

    Hi guys! I really like these power rangers, mentor, antonio, emily, mike, mia, kevin and jayden are my favorites in the series. And thanks for the cool website!

    I like the green ranger yeahhhhhhhhhhhh i like you

    boxed in,more like boxed awsome.

    Mike and Emily are in love but I Aldo think Antonio
    Likes mia

    I think the gold ranger antonio has the best fighting skills.And I like the coler gold.AND HE ROCKS! ! !

    I like all of the colers but the one that i like best is the red ranger jayden ithink he is cute

    gold rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ypu guys are so cool if power rangers were in real life i will like to be a samurai i will be all rangers
    i will have all zords
    i hope i can see you guys

    Mike is so cool U r #1 the 1 I am fan of

    Power Rangers Samurai is awesome, The Gold ranger is. #1 , The Blue ranger is #2 , The Green ranger is #3 , The Red ranger is #4, The Pink ranger is #5 , and The Yellow ranger is #6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love your moves. I want you to teach me some moves some time. oh and right me back some time. oh and heres a tip SAMURAI RANGERS victory is ours. love keylon

    I absolutely love the show power rangers. I grew up watching it. You Rock! I also love your morphers, although I
    never got to buy one when they came out. I wish I could order the shinkenger shodophone, but i don’t know where
    to get an order form online. I am your biggest fan ever. I always wanted to be a power ranger.

    Ps.all of y’all are my favorite.
    I love you all and I wish y’all good luck.

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    I always pretend to be Mai my sister pretends to be Emily we do karate it is fun.

    mike needs to be the captin

    power rangers samurai i want to be the green ranger awesome and my nephew said ; i want to be the red ranger,
    we both like the gold ranger

    Hi to all the power ranger samurai friends,
    I watch and wait for all your new episodes on Saturday’s and love every one of them. I’m 5 years old and when I grow up I want to be the new black power ranger samurai! Love you all,

    i love power rangers samurai :)

    i love power rangers samurai

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    Awesome :)

    Thanks it worked

    The Samurai Power Rangers TV series is getting better each day. I am very impressed with the new weapons and Zords and Megazords now that Gold Ranger Antonio has arrived and been recruited & am looking forward to how the story will progress as the series continues and the team fights more and more of Master Xandred’s conniving monsters. This is the best series I have seen in several years and I am enjoying it immensely. I hope they make a 20th season and series and continue to make Power Rangers series for many, many, more years to come!

    This works for me — Try dragging a Thumb image (80×45) into a new Window/Tab. It should load the larger image rather than the Thumb image. Or if you have DownloadHelper (an add-on for Mozilla Firefox), you can download all the larger images from the page at the same time.
    – Or direct link:

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    hi mike

    please tell me what’s going on and how jayden’s father might be his son because he was on prwf as a bad villian but I want to know what happen to ColeEvans’s parents and that mysterious boy named Kite is he alive or dead how many megazords were destroyed or the spirit rangers has they looking for a way to get another ranger on the way i’m 26 years old most of the new people who don’t know anything about me it might be very usedful to help the power rangers in coming the 7th ranger to destory master org

    you guys are the best power rangers ever i whatched power rangers spd you get to be a power ranger because you all grew up on it we love all so munch we will see youre new ep on sundays at noon we care for you so munch and one more thing rangers togher samurai forver.

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    Dear Alex, Erika, Hector, Najee, and Brittany, my name is Maddie, and I’m your biggest “Samurai Ranger” fan. I wish to participate in one of your samurai training places in L.A., and you guys can come meet me at my birthday next month. I’m going to be 16, and I’ll possibly be old enough to meet you guys and we can talk about your show on the evening of my special day. Or maybe when you guys can come with me and my family to France. But for now, I want to tell you guys I love you, especially you Alex.

    Forever yours, Maddie.

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    robish is deid in the show.

    episode 10 jaydens challenge a powerful nighlock
    name master xander.

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    I love watching Power Rangers. I’m from NZ and I’m enjoying watching this since I was a kid. Even though it’s banned here, I can make an effort by watching this online. :D

    Yea, I have to agree with Adam, this was by far the best Samurai episode to date. For me everything was spot on. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. It’s going to be epic!

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    choice award at the carpet


    DEAR KEVIN,i like the color blue and i would like to be you some day hydro bow

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    Please keep up your excellent work

    Sincerly yours,
    Vinny Aparicio

    I really like the red ranger and how he beat dreadhead with the 5 disc beetle cannon and the lion foldingzord. go go samurai for power rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Samurai, though not the best season, is pretty enjoyable. Far better than anything Disney has done in the past
    few years (Dino Thunder and RPM being the only exceptions). Good page!

    lm big fan of all power rangers

    i would love to just get a shot to be a ranger in my dreams i am the BLACK power ranger crazy i know but anyway i would love to meet all the rangers for just a week or a day you rangers are amazing when you fight i feel like i am in it !!!!!!!!!!! anyway peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi i love the show and i one of mikey frends

    hi i love the red ranger and the pink ranger and i love the show and me and my frends love the show and i like the zords and i love the part when the zords combind in to megazord.

    this is my favorite season of power rangers ever in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The new season is just underway and it is even better than I anticipated it would be. I am very impressed with the teamwork used by the Samurai Power Rangers and the unity they have on the field of battle and the unity and devotion of their Zords. Having comic relief characters like Bulk & Spike add humor to the series as well. I am looking forward to all of the upcoming episodes and will relish the chance to see the new Gold Ranger whenever he arrives! Power Rangers rule forever!

    i hope you put pics from sticks and stones and also the actresses that play young emily and her sister serena

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    I am very excited about the newest incarnation of Power Rangers and am looking forward to following all the action & adventure when it does begin. The promos and everything else are very lively and the graphics are very well put together. Having been a fan & viewer of Power Rangers from the very beginning, I am very happy that the series is continuing with new Rangers, new Zords, new weapons, new enemies, new vehicles, and basically  new everything. It will be entertaining as it always has been. Full speed ahead for Power Rangers Samurai!!

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