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Power Rangers Samurai Merchandise / toys.

Note: Images on this page were not created by me.

*Green Text = Not yet released or spotted.

4″ Figures
Mega Ranger Fire (pic2)
Mega Ranger Water (pic2)
Mega Ranger Forest (pic2)
Mega Ranger Earth (pic2)
Mega Ranger Sky (pic2)
Mooger (pic2)
Mega Ranger Light
Samurai Ranger Fire
Samurai Ranger Water
Samurai Ranger Forest
Samurai Ranger Light
Samurai Ranger Earth — (new)
Samurai Ranger Sky — (new)
Deker (pic2)
Rita Repulsa (pic2)
Super Samurai Ranger Fire — (new)
Super Samurai Ranger Water — (new)
Super Samurai Ranger Forest — (new)
Master Xandred (pic2) — (new)

Figure Sets
Samurai Ranger Team (Blue; Pink; Red; Yellow; Green)
Samurai (Mega) Ranger Team & Disc Cycle — (new)
Mega Ranger Team — (new)

6.5″ Switch Morphin Figures
Switch Morphin Ranger Fire (pic2)
Switch Morphin Ranger Water (pic2)
Switch Morphin Ranger Forest
Switch Morphin Ranger Light
Sword Morphin Ranger Fire
Sword Morphin Ranger Water
Armor Morphin Ranger Fire — (new)
Armor Morphin Ranger Water — (new)
Armor Morphin Ranger Forest — (new)

Retrofire Series
Jungle Pride Megazord
S.P.D. Delta Squad Megazord
Zeo Megazord
Mystic Force Titan Megazord
Samurai Megazord

S.H. Figuarts
Shinken Red (pic2) — (new)
Shinken Gold (pic2) — (new)

Cycles with figures
Disc Cycle Fire
Disc Cycle Water
Disc Cycle Forest
Disc Cycle Light
Mini Red Cycle — (new)
Mini Green Cycle — (new)

Sword Cycles
Sword Cycle with Mega Ranger Fire — (new)
Sword Cycle with Mega Ranger Water — (new)
Sword Cycle with Mega Ranger Forest — (new)

Vehicles with figures
Samurai Transporter (pic2)

10″ Battlized Figures
Battlized Ranger Fire (pic2)
Shogun Battlized Ranger (pic2)
Shogun Ranger — (new)

Samurai Megazord (pic2) (pic3)
Samurai ClawZord
Claw Armor Megazord (2 pack) (pic2) — (new)

Zords with Figures
Green Ranger BeetleZord (pic2)
Blue Ranger SwordfishZord (pic2)
Red Ranger TigerZord (pic2)
OctoZord and Mega Ranger Light (pic2)
TigerZord and Mega Ranger Fire — (new)
SwordfishZord and Mega Ranger Water — (new)
BeetleZord and Mega Ranger Forest — (new)
SharkZord and (Mega) Shark Attack Ranger Fire — (new)
SpiderZord and Super (Mega) Ranger Light — (new)

Samuraizer Morpher (pic2)
Samurai Morpher
Black Box Morpher — (new)
DX Samuraizer Morpher — (new)

Samurai Spin Sword (pic2)
Samurai Mega Blade (pic2)
DX Fire Smasher — (new)
Hydro Bow — (new)
Hydro Bow & Forest Spear — (new)
Disk Buckle Belt — (new)

Mega Ranger Mask Fire — (new)
Mega Ranger Mask Water — (new)
Mega Ranger Mask Light — (new)

Training Gear
Samurai Ranger Training Gear (Red) — (new)
Samurai Ranger Training Gear (Blue) — (new)

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