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Samurai Transport Vehicle
Name: Unknown
First Seen: Ep5
Bio: …

Ji’s Motorcycle
Name: Unknown
First Seen: Ep8
Owner(s):: Ji
Bio: This is Ji’s Motorcycle.

War Horses


Name: War Horses
First Seen: Red in Ep8 (flashback of Origins); Red in Origins P1; CotRR
Owner(s):: Red, Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow Samurai Rangers
Bio: The Rangers can summon Horses using their Samuraizers.

RPM Ranger Red’s Car
Name: "Red Pony"
First Seen: CotRR
Owner(s):: RPM Ranger Red
Bio: Red Samurai Ranger summoned this car for RPM Ranger Red using his Samuraizer.

Bulk and Spike’s Motorcycle
Name: Unknown
First Seen: Ep22
Owner(s):: Mike; Bulk and Spike
Bio: This motorcycle was given to Mike by the others and Ji for Christmas, but in the spirit, Mike gives the motorcycle to Bulk and Spike who also wanted a motorcycle.

Deker’s War Horse
Name: Unknown
First Seen: Ep39
Owner(s):: Deker
Bio: This is Deker’s War Horse. How he got the War Horse is unknown.
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